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is an integrated solution for nearly all kinds of 3D printing, laser sintering (SLS/SLM), additive manufacturing, stereolithography (SLA) and other rapid prototyping applications.

RepliSLS3D is not only a simple slicer but a fully equipped software which is able to control the complete buildprocess including full access to all hardware components needed for operating a 3D printer and also including control of several process parameters like temperature, gas pressure or concentration. So RepliSLS incorporates all the functions needed for 3D printing into one software package:

  • import of 3D data using several formats
  • slicing of these 3D models
  • optional creation of support structures
  • processing of the sliced layers including full laser and scanner hardware control
  • handling all movements and operations between layers for material provision, z-movement and others
  • controlling of additional process parameters such as pressure, gas concentration, temperature,...

It supports a lot of different hardware from scratch, provides several features which are not common to this kind of software and supports Windows™ and Linux™.

It is available as software-only solution as well as an integrated package which comes with suitable controller hardware for a fast, easy and an as uncomplicated as possible set-up of a new system.

RepliSLS3D is intended to be used for machine integration, it can be customised in several ways to fit to a specific machine type, its hardware and functionalities. And it of course also can be branded so that the whole software comes with a customer-specific name which fits to the machine and no longer uses the generic name "RepliSLS3D".