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RepliSLS3D is an integrated solution for nearly all kinds of 3D printing, laser sintering (SLS/SLM), additive manufacturing, stereolithography (SLA) and other rapid prototyping applications. It supports a lot of different hardware from scratch, provides several features which are not common to this kind of software and supports Windows™ and Linux ™.
It is available as software-only solution as well as an integrated package which comes with suitable controller hardware for fast, easy and an as uncomplicated as possible set-up of a new system.

>Overview >Features >Supported Hardware >Screenshots >Variants >Download >Contact >Legal information

Beside many other useful functions RepliSLS3D offers the following key features:

>Overview >Features >Supported Hardware >Screenshots >Variants >Download >Contact >Legal information

This section describes hardware that is specific for use within RepliSLS3D and which supported by the main software package. Plug-Ins to control other devices can be added easily via a SDK. For details please contact us.

Output controller cards - this section contains laser scanner controller, XY(Z) stage controller and other devices which perform the main process of tool control and material manipulation (aka "printing"):

Vendor Type Development State Remarks
HALaser Systems™ E1701D Scanner Controller stable Accessible via Ethernet or USB; modular, low-cost XY2/100 scanner card
E1803D Scanner Controller stable Accessible via Ethernet or USB; compact, low-cost XY2/100 scanner card
3rdEye™ PSC141P experimental Linux support available on request
PSC142P experimental Linux support available on request
CTI™ / GSI™ EC1000 stable to be used via RTC compatibility library only (provided by vendor)
SC500 stable to be used via RTC compatibility library only (provided by vendor)
generic GCode-output stable Outputs vector and tool control data as G-Code (CNC) control commands
generic printer-driver-based stable Supports all devices that are accessed via installed printer device
Makeblock™ XY-Plotter development
RLC USB experimental
Scanlab™ RTC3 stable
RTC4 stable
RTC4Scanalone stable
RTC5 stable
RTC6 stable
SCAPS™ USC-1 stable Windows only, requires SCI license from SCAPS™
USC-2 stable Windows only, no support for Ethernet connection, requires SCI license from SCAPS™
USC-3 development Windows only, no support for Ethernet connection, requires SCI license from SCAPS™, requires software version 1.2 or newer
Sintec Optronics™ ETH6608 stable
Sunny™ CSC-USB experimental

Laser controllers - while most laser types (like IPG, YAG, CO2, other fiber lasers) can be controlled by most of the scanner controller cards directly, some of them require special control commands. These lasers can be accessed by special control plug-ins:

Vendor Type Development State Remarks
miscellaneous CO2, YAG, IPG™, SPI™ and similar stable directly supported via most scanner controller cards, no separate laser control interface necessary
Coherent™ Avia stable
generic stable basic support for all lasers with serial interface and ASCII communication
SPI™ G4 stable ASCII-commands via serial interface

Motion controllers - an element part of 3D printing and SLS/rapid prototyping processes deals with motion operations to shift the Z-position (in 2.5D mode), to move material and other things more:

Vendor Type Development State Remarks
HALaser Systems™ E1701M Stepper Motor Controller stable Multiple axis controller for motion operations and single axis controller for Z-Shifter elements
Faulhaber™ Series MCBL 300x RS, MCDC 300x RS, 3564...B CS, 32xx...BX4 CS and 22xx...BX4 CSD stable
Schneider Electric™ MDrive+ stable
Sill™ Focus Shifter development Single axis controller for Z-Shifter elements
Stepper Motor (via scanner controller card) stable

Process control - a professional laser sintering/3D stereo lithograhpy process needs to control different additional parameters beside of the main operation. Such parameters can be checkend and influenced by this special category of plug-ins which also can be extended easily by own ones using the free-of-charge software development kit (SDK) which makes development easy:

Vendor Type Development State Remarks
Optris™ LT Pyrometer development retrieves temperature and halts marking process

>Overview >Features >Supported Hardware >Screenshots >Variants >Download >Contact >Legal information

Version 1.0, Windows: Sliced model, three different pens (=build parameters) added to contour, varying in four different steps, all slices shown, three hatch patterns applied but hidden from view

Version 1.0, Windows: Model sliced (blue) and with support structures (red), both with different pens, fill patterns not yet applied, all slices shown

Version 1.0, Windows: Model sliced and with support structures, both with different pens, different fill patterns applied to both, one specific slice shown and mark dialogue opened which can be used to start/control the build process

Version 1.0, Windows, detail view hatch: three different hatch patterns with different styles, angles and line structures applied to slices

>Overview >Features >Supported Hardware >Screenshots >Variants >Download >Contact >Legal information

The RepliSLS3D system is available in three different variants:

>Overview >Features >Supported Hardware >Screenshots >Variants >Download >Contact >Legal information

Here you can download RepliSLS3D for different platforms and operating systems. Without a dongle as decribed above the software runs in demo mode, means all marking and output functions are disabled but you can try the core functionalities for free.
When you already own a full version, these downloads can be used to update the software to newer versions - no additional license or license fee is required to upgrade the software.
Operating System RepliSLS3D
  Certified to work with Compatible with Software download, requires license/dongle for full functionality including hardware control

Windows™ ix86
Windows 7/10 Windows Vista/8.x RepliSLS3D-1.2-1.i386.exe

Windows™ amd64
Windows 7/10 Windows Vista/8.x RepliSLS3D-1.2-1.amd64.exe

Linux x86_64
CentOS 7.x RedHat™ Enterprise Linux, Fedora RepliSLS3D-1.2-1.x86_64.rpm (software package)
replisls-repo-0.1-1.x86_64.rpm (YUM/DNF repository for easy installation and update)

Linux amd64
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Debian RepliSLS3D-1.2-1.amd64.deb (software package)
Repository APT line: deb main
OS-independent all Users Manual
Download Archive

>Overview >Features >Supported Hardware >Screenshots >Variants >Download >Contact >Legal information

To get more information, a quotation or to order RepliSLS3D, you can get in touch with us via our contact form!